Friction Materials


Wet Friction Material

Automatic transmission (AT) / Continuously variable transmission (CVT)

Product outline/feature
This product, consisting of the friction material attached with the steel ring, is used in an automatic transmission (AT) and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) to control the gear shifting. “Wet” is used in the product name because this friction
"Segment type"
A segment technique is used, where material pieces are attached along the ring at high speed. This prevents the lubricant flowing on the surface of the wet friction material, reducing drag torque that adversely affects fuel efficiency.

Separator / Flange Plate

  • Separator
  • Flange Plate
Product outline/feature
A “Separator” is a steel plate, used in combination with a wet friction disk to transmit and shut off the drive power.
A “Flange plate” is a high rigidity steel plate used for edges of the set of wet friction disk and separator.

■Lock Up Clutch

Product outline/feature
This is one of the wet friction materials used in torque convertors to improve efficiency by transferring the engine power to the drive shaft in a direct connection or slip state in areas where shifting gear is not required (low to high, etc.)

Dry Friction Material

■Manual Transmission (MT)

Product outline/feature
This friction material is used in a manual transmission (MT) to transmit or shut off the power between the engine and MT at the starting, stopping or gear shifting. “Dry” is used in the product name because this friction material does not require such oil
"Non-solvent Dry Clutch Facing"
When coating the glass fiber (core material) with rubber (base polymer), previously rubber melted in an organic solvent had to be coated and dried. Aisin Chemical has developed a breakthrough non-solvent method that enables continuous rubber coating to glass fibers, achieving zero VOC.

Disk Blake Pad

Product outline/feature
This product is one of the parts consisting of a disk brake. Pressing the brake rotor by the brake pad set to the caliper enables a car to stop.