Approach for Environment

Enacting voluntary environmental standards, we are working to reduce waste materials and use of raw materials having impact on environment. Including ELV Directive, we promote environment activities, and endeavor for a sustainable society.

Environmental Policy/Revised in March 2008

We will conduct all company activities in harmony with the clean environment, concentrate the wisdom and passion toward preserving abundant nature and its beauty for children, and carry out global environmental conservation activities with all people united.

  1. In the development, production and sales of various products used for automobiles, Aisin Chemical will work to accomplish these points and contribute to society:
    - Preserving the environment through resource conservation, energy conservation, exhaust reduction, and other activities
    - Designing and manufacturing products with concern for the environment right from the development stage
    - Streamlining procurement and logistics of materials and parts with low environmental impact
  2. Together with establishing a management system for environmental conservation, Aisin Chemical will establish environmental goals and targets based on this policy and work to effect ongoing improvements through systematic implementation and revisions.
  3. Aisin Chemical will comply strictly with legislation, accords, and the like relating to the environment, together with establishing voluntary standards and conducting pollution-prevention activities.
  4. Aisin Chemical will support the Environmental Management System of the consolidated subsidiaries, and promote global environmental conservation activities.
  5. To ensure environmental conservation for surroundings, Aisin Chemical will value communication with local community.
  6. Through codification of environmental politics and publicity activities, Aisin Chemical will work to establish insightful knowledge and enhance awareness among entire workforce, and carry out implementation.

Aisin Chemical established the Environment Committee in June 2000. Since then we have actively promoted the establishment of the Environmental Management System (EMS) and the implementation of companywide environmental conservation activities. We will make concerted efforts to expand our business activities for sustainable development in close coordination with the Aisin Consolidated Environmental Management.
Details of our activities throughout the year are summarized in our "Environmental Report", and disclosed to the public on our website. We have completed the "Environmental Report 2010", focusing on creation of an easy-to-understand report by, for example, utilizing opinions and ideas of employees devoted to on-site environmental activities. In addition, in view of environmental concerns, we discontinued issuing printed reports from this fiscal year, and adapted the FlashPaper format that can easily be browsed on the website.
The "Green Procurement Guideline" formulated by the Aisin Group is also used by our customers to promote their environmental conservation activities when they procure parts, raw materials, etc.

ISO 16949

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

We established an environmental-management system based on ISO 14001, and acquired ISO14001 certification in 2001, running continuously for environmental conservation.