Establishment of Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior

Aisin Chemical designated the “AISIN Principles of Corporate Behavior” as our action guideline and has implemented. However, it is imperative that our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is fulfilled from a much broader viewpoint because there are more scenes where we may encounter new values, cultures or customs, as business activities become more globalized.

In response to this business environment, AISIN has decided to define an approach to voluntarily fulfill corporate social responsibility in the “AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior,” and share this Principles among all group companies and implement it.

Being fully aware of the fact that our business activities are only possible with the trust of local communities, Aisin Group and employees working in the Group will thoroughly implement the “AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior.” We will also strive to widely develop this through understanding of our business partners.

January 1, 2010